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The Team

We endorse an inclusive and diverse research environment, and promote open-source science with free access to all.


Dr. Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal

Lab Director


Dr. Einat Bigelman

Lab manager

Einat is a Molecular biologist, with expertise in histology and animal physiology. 


Estherina Trachtenberg

P.hD student, Sagol school of Neuroscience.

Estherina's research focuses on the influence of the social environment on immune function through neuro-immune pathways. She is also a trained nurse.

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Keren Ruzal

MSc student, Sagol school of Neuroscience.

Interested in the neural correlates of helping behavior. Using behavioral, chemogenetic and optogenetic tools in rats to study how group identity influences the decision to help others, and which brain area(s) are involved in this processing.


Ben Kantor

PhD Candidate

Ben is an expert in computer vision and his research focuses on developing AI tools for analysis of neural activity. 

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Reut Hazani

PhD Candidate

Reut is a joint PhD candidate with Prof. Aron Weller at Bar-Ilan University. Reut is researching the effects of early life stress on pro-social behavior.

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